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Rosane Minghim

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VICG - Visualization, Imaging and Computer Graphics


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Very Old Visualizations

Multi-dimensional Visualization
Soil Visualization
Fluid Visualization
Neuron Visualization
Visualization in Dentistry


Grad Supervision


Shimabukuro, Milton H. - MsC - "Virtual Dentistry: Visualization to Support Dentistry Tasks" (in Portuguese), June 1998.

Salvador, Veridiana C. L. - MsC - "Sonification to Support Visualization Tasks" (in Portuguese), June 1998.

Celli, Pedro L. F. - MsC - "A System for Support to Suspect Identification with use of Automatic Face Recognition" (in Portuguese), April 1999.

Soares, Igor P., MsC, - "Volumetric Visualization in Dentistry" (in Portuguese), June 2000.

Freitas, Bruno Sousa, MsC. - "A Tool for Sonification in Distributed Visualization over the Internet"(in Portuguese), May 2001.

Sousa, Carlos A. S.  - "Implementação de uma Estrutura de Dados para Visualização Científica"(in Porguguese), April 2003.

Salvador, Veridiana C. L, PhD. - "Development of a Model for Exploration in Distributed Scientific Visualization using Sound"(in Portuguese), August 2003.

Tejada, Eduardo J., MsC. - "Visual Clustering for Large Multidimensional Data Sets"(in Portuguese), September 2003.

Watanabe, L.  - MsC - "Uma ferramenta de interação integrando Visualização Científica e de Informação”.

Dias, D. . - MsC - "Uma abordagem exploratória para mineração visual em Grafos”, 2007.

Silva, Henderson, H. O, MsC – Visualization of inflow in powerplantes, 2007.

Franchin, Wagner J. , MsCSonification in multidimensional visualization, 2008.

Nakazaki, Marcel. Y, MsC    Trees for visualization, 2010

Andery, G. F., MsC – Social network visualization, 2010

Paulovich, F. V.,  PhD. - "Geometic Techniques for Visual Data Analysis – Integrating Mining and Visualizations"(in Portuguese), 2008.

Eler, Danilo, M., PhD. – Coordination for visual analysis of text, 2011.



Under Development

           Paiva, José G. S., PhD – Visual Classification of Images

            Silva, Renato R. O., PhD – Shape Based Information Visualization

            Heberle, H. – Network Visualization

           Zampieri, C. E. – Multi-scale Techniques for Visualization

           Florian-Cruz, L. E. – Visual support to Feature Space Definition for Images

           Wong, Christian, D. – Time varying volume visualization




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