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Generating Segmented Quality Meshes from Images


Techniques devoted to generating triangular me- shes from intensity images either take as input a segmented image or generate a mesh without distinguishing individual structures contained in the image. These facts may cause difficulties in using such techniques in some applications, such as numerical simulations. In this work we reformulate a previously developed technique for mesh generation from intensity images called Imesh. This reformulation makes Imesh more versatile due to an unified framework that al- lows an easy change of refinement metric, rendering it ef- fective for constructing meshes for applications with var- ied requirements, such as numerical simulation and image modeling. Furthermore, a deeper study about the point in- sertion problem and the development of geometrical crite- rion for segmentation is also reported in this paper. Meshes with theoretical guarantee of quality can also be obtained for each individual image structure as a post-processing step, a characteristic not usually found in other methods. The tests demonstrate the flexibility and the effectiveness of the ap- proach. 

A.J. Cuadros-Vargas
M. Lizier
R. Minghim
L.G. Nonato
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