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Combining CVFEM and meshless front-tracking for mold filling simulation


Most parts manufactured by injection molding process are three-dimensional and complexly shaped. Moreover geometrical configurations, the rheological response of polymer melts used in this class of problem are generally non-Newtonian and non-isothermal. Because of these inherent factors, it is extremely difficult to analyze the filling process without simplifications. In this work the Generalized Hele-Shaw approach is employed, providing suitable simplifications on governing equations for non-isothermal, non-Newtonian and inelastic flows in relatively narrow gaps. The equations are solved using the Control Volume Finite Element and the free-surface of fluid flow is predicted by a novel Meshless Front-Tracking method which avoids topological restrictions. The modified-Cross model with Arrhenius temperature dependence is employed to describe the viscosity of the melt and the temperature field is solved by a semi-Lagrangian scheme based on the Finite volume Method.

Kemelli Campanharo Estacio
Luís Gustavo Nonato
Norberto Mangiavacchi
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