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Combining CVFEM and meshless front tracking in Hele–Shaw mold filling simulation


In this work, a generalized Hele–Shaw approach is developed for non-isothermal, non-Newtonian and

inelastic flows arising in injection molding. The advancing free surface of the injected fluid is predicted

by a novel meshless front-tracking method coupled to control volume finite element solution for the

pressure. A modified Cross constitutive model with Arrhenius temperature dependence is employed to

describe the viscosity of the melt and the temperature field is solved by a semi-Lagrangian scheme with

a finite volume method. The utility of the combined algorithm is demonstrated for a test problem that has

complex ‘obstacles’ in the mold interior. 

K. C. Estacio
L. G. Nonato
N. Mangiavacchi
G. F. Carey
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